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Community Accessability Inc. provides a number of volunteer opportunities within a variety of locations.

Tick the programs that interest you and click the green submit button we will then send you information on those positions. N.B. Not all programs are available in all areas

Community Transport Volunteers

To assist with transporting frail and/or aged clients and people with a disability between medical and therapy appointments and daily activities

Volunteer Friends Program

To be-friend and to help support the participant achieve their goals in respect to their chosen activities or holidays provided by the VFP. Only available in Wangaratta and Wodonga

Transport Experts

Trained community members and Network Ambassadors who are easily accessible and can, provide transport information to their community

Travel Companions

To assist community members to improve their transport opportunities by encouraging independent travel whilst utilising public transport

Volunteer Driver Pool

To provide a pool of volunteer drivers which support access to the Smartlink to Getting There vehicle register

Volunteers with their own vehicles

Community volunteers who utilise their own vehicles and provide transport to members of their community

Travel Trainers

To provide a pool of community members who can impart knowledge and training to others on how to travel safely and with confidence

Committee of Management Members

To develop and watch over the strategic and sustainable future of the organisation

Corporate Services Support

To provide support to our corporate staff by answering the phone, dealing with enquiries and day to day office tasks. Training provided

Access Spot Volunteer

The Access Spot assists in providing transport and access information, a resting place, communication assistance, recharge spot, equipment and locker hire and parent friendly facilities. Located in King George V Gardens, Wangaratta

Seymour Buggy Service

To drive a buggy to transport travellers between platforms and services at Seymour railway station

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